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Ø17 Traditional Tie-rod and Accessories Tayrot somunu, Tij Somunu, Tie rod somunu See How Easy to Use Nuts?

Threaded Rod

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Threaded Nuts And Accessories
Threaded Nut Threaded Nut, Tie-rod Nut, Basat Consturction

Tie-Rod, Threaded Nut, Başat İnşaat, Basat Construction
Tie-Rod, Threaded Nut, Threaded Rod, Başat İnşaat, Basat Construction
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Tie-Rods Manufactured By Basat Insaat;

Long Lasting, Reliable

Basat Insaat is a company located in Ankara, capital city of Turkey. Basat Insaat can produce tie-rods up to 12 meters. Tie-Rod Accessories, Tie-Rod Nuts are some products manufactured and/or supplied by Basat Insaat.

Depending on your requirements, Basat Insaat can manufacture tie-rods at any dimension as a group or one by one. Click here to send an e-mail to us to get an offer for your requirements. (Please do not forget to mention the quantity, dimensions and any specifications of the rods you need.)

Tie-Rod, Threaded Rod, Başat İnşaat, Basat Construction
Technical Specifications
Diameter Tie Rod
Ø17 Black, Cold Rolled Tie-Rod
Ø17 Galvanized, Cold Rolled Tie Rod
Ø24 Black, Cold Rolled Tie-Rod
Ø24 Galvanized, Cold Rolled Tie Rod

Tie-Rod (Threaded Rod)

High Lasting, High Quality!
Just Make Your Selection!

Either Flat Tie-Rod!

Or Conventional Tie-Rod!

Either Ø17,

Or Ø24

  • Tie-Rod Manufactured by Our Company

  • Standard Tie-Rod Bars are Manufactured by using ST37 Steel.

  • Other types of steel may be used on demand.

  • Any length can be manufactued.

  • With rich tie-rod stocks, we give fast response to your inquiries.

Tie-Rod, Threaded Nut

Our Quality is Certified (Click to View the Certificate)
Başat İnşaat Kalite Belgesi ISO 9001-2008

Revolution In Tie-Rod!
Resistance Up To


Tie-Rods of Our Manufacture have Certified Resistance Up to 30 Tons. These Certification was given by independent Laboratories in Turkiye. Following Table shows the resistance of Tie_rods made of ST37 Steel Material.

Click Here for Laboratory Reports.
Cold Rolled, Made of ST37 Steel
Type Radius Resistance
Flat Tie-Rod Ø24 30 TONs
Flat Tie-Rod Ø17 15 - 19 TONs
Conventional Tie-Rod Ø24 18 - 19 TONs
Conventional Tie-Rod Ø17 10 - 12 TONs

Steel Triangular Chamfers
Steel Trapezoidal Chamfers

We Manifacture Steel Triangular Chamfers and Steel Trapzoidal Chamfers

at Various Dimensions
Just Let Us Know The Dimension You Need!

Steel Triangular Chamfer, Steel Trapezoidal Chamfer
Dimensions Description Kg/Meter
A1 15 15 22 15x15x22 Steel Triangular Chamfer 0,908
A2 10 10 15 10x10x15 Steel Triangular Chamfer 0,408
A3 10 8 10 21 10x8x10x21 Steel Trapezoidal Chamfers 0,810
A4 15 10 15 27 15x10x15x27 Steel Trapezoidal Chamfers 1,420
A5 20 20 28 20x20x28 Steel Triangular Chamfer 1,538
A6 24 24 34 24x24x34 Steel Triangular Chamfer
... ... ... ... ... More available ..

Note: 1$ ~ 1.47 TL, VAT: Tax

Paspay Çeşitleri, Başat İnşaat

Plastic Spacers
Rich Types of Spacers

You can see all types of Spacers Here.

(Note: Descriptions are in Turkish )

Threaded Rod, Tie-Rod

Threaded Rod, Tie-Rod

Başat İnşaat, Ayar Mili, Payanda

Adjustment Shafts

Manufactured by ST37 Iron, Screw Pitch: 6.35 mm ;
Pipe; 4 mm Thickness, Ø38
Filled; Ø32, Ø35, Ø38
Payanda, Ayar Mili